Mad Dog Sunday


Born in East London by Bow Bells,  working class through and through.  Grew up in a multicultural ethic neighbourhood.


Music is my passion, grew up listening to soul, jazz/funk, reggae, roots, R&B , rap, rock and roll,  rock and 1970s punk . Today I am more into dance and house music, rap , R & B and heavy rock and punk.  I dont get much time to listen to music these days as I am more concerned in producing my own music now, having said that it is always hard to resist an invite to listen to live performances as they are so inspiring.

The Mission

My music portfolio is divided into three types of music genre:-

  1. Rap: Discussing political issues, poverity in society, highlighting injustices and issues that are important to society.
  2. Dance and House : To take your Body and Mind to another level !
  3. Rock & Punk: Progressive Rock Fusion. Officially know as The Experiment .

I thought about it a long time to whether to release my music, especially my rap! I hope it can Change , Influence and Inspire , you and listeners into positive non-violent peaceful action in changing the world we live into a better place, I am a great believer in People Power.  Power to the People is an inspiring motto I go by.

My Observations

Today in 2017  its time for people to realise that things need to change on our planet. There is far too many poor people suffering beyond reason, due to poverty. Our governments have taken advantage of our failure to stand up for our own individual rights and we are all suffering due to their poor economic and political decisions that has resulted in the desecration of the poor and working classes.

We need to demand change by influencing our governments by non-violent peaceful action. We need to let them know we are not going to take their bullshit anymore !


You can email me if you wish to purchase my music or discuss any other music related business at

Many thanks for taking the time to view my website! Peace and Love, Harry Stone …